Nephrostomy weekly bag and dressing changes

Do you have a nephrostomy tube and need refreshing on how to care for it? This short film talks you through the steps to self care for your nephrostomy.

For this procedure you require:

  • Someone who has been taught to perform this procedure
  • Water for cleansing e.g. boiled, cooled tap water
  • Drainage bag with security straps (e.g. NephSys)
  • Drain fixation dressing (e.g. Drain Fix, Drain-Guard or OPSITE Post-Op Visible drain dressing) or if sutured in position can use a simple gauze and tape dressing
  • Alcohol (chlorhexidine) wipe
  • Adhesive remover
  • Micropore tape or similar (optional)
  • Small waste bag
  • Alcohol hand gel.
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